Sponsors & Partners

To expand the breadth of certifications and exams, and accelerate growth of the association, we rely upon the support of organizations committed to the success of the global Dynamics community. This support comes in many forms, including volunteer time, in-kind services, and direct financial assistance. Without the generous support of these organizations we would not have made the progress we have thus far.

Founding Sponsor

 Dynamic Communities, Inc. is the founding sponsor of DynamicsPro. In early 2015, they helped organize and launch a new association for the betterment of the entire Dynamics community. We are eternally grateful for their willingness to invest enormous time, talent, and financial support to build Dynamics Pro.

Corporate Sponsors

Corporate Sponsors are organization that encourage and support their employees to earn Dynamics Credentialed Professional status, allow them to volunteer time for the advancement of the association, and provide direct financial support to help maintain and grow certifications and operate the association.

Conference & Event Partners

Microsoft Dynamics events listed here recognize the importance of competency standards and independent professional certifications. Each event hosts exams, making it convenient and cost-effective for members of the Dynamics community to become certified. For 2017, we will continue to offer DynamicsPro exams at Dynamics GP Tech Conference, GPUG Summit, NAVUG Summit, and NAV Directions. We have added new events in Europe - the Dutch Dynamics Community and NAVUG European Congress.

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Commerical Sponsors

Commercial sponsors support the Dynamics community with training, testing, software add-ons, marketing and other services. They are committed to the health and success of all aspects of the Dynamics community. These organizations promote the value and importance of independent professional certification and encourage consultants and other professionals to earn Dynamics Credentialed Professional status.

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Participating Partners

Each organization listed below has at least one (1) employee who has attained Dynamics Credentialed Professional status.

Adapt-ERP ∙ Advanced Integrators ∙ Advantage Computing ∙ American Council on Education ∙ ArcherPoint ∙ Argus Machine Co. ∙ Armanino ∙ Azure Curve ∙ BDO ∙ Bestborn Business Solutions ∙ BizzBrain ∙ BKD ∙ Blue Moon ∙ Bond Consulting Services ∙ Boyer & Assoc. ∙ Briware Solutions ∙ Clients Frist-US ∙ CmCS ∙ Columbus Global ∙ Data Specialists, Inc. ∙ Digicel ∙ Dynamic Communities, Inc. ∙ Dynamic Tech Support ∙ Encore Business Solutions ∙ ERP Consulting ∙ Fastpath ∙ fluxxus.nl ∙ Fort Pierce Utilities Authority ∙ GraVoc ∙ Greenman and Associates ∙ Heartland Business Systems ∙ ICON ∙ Innovia ∙ Intellitec Solutions ∙ InterDyn BMI ∙ Journeyteam ∙ Jovaco ∙ Kappi ehf. ∙ Kauffmann IT Services ∙ Kinetic ∙ Kuntz Consulting ∙ LBMC ∙ Liberty Grove Software ∙ Logic Vision ∙ Mekorma ∙ Mprise ∙ MSPC CPA and Advisors ∙ Negotium Technologies ∙ NexTec Group ∙ Njevity ∙ Perfect Image Ltd. ∙ Premier Computing ∙ Prophet Business Group Ltd. ∙ Qixas∙ Quality Consulting∙ Rand ∙ RSM ∙ Run Business Solutions ∙ S2 Technology ∙ SBS Group ∙ Second Foundation ∙ Sikich ∙ Simplenova ∙ SMB Suite/Nextcorp ∙ Socius ∙ SSI Consulting ∙ TD Carpenter and Associates ∙ Technology Management ∙ Training Dynamo ∙ Tribridge ∙ Western Computer ∙ Winthropdc ∙ WIPFLI CPAs & Consultants ∙ Xperit Group

It is important to note that while sponsors and partners receive certain benefits, such as a listing on this page and other electronic methods of communications to members, sponsors and partners receive no preferential treatment in decisions pertaining to DynamicsPro member programs. All decisions pertaining to program requirements and benefits are made by voluntary member councils and committees.