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1.  "Table Updates Interrupted" status

Posted 08-24-2017 07:28
I was wondering if anyone knows what causes the following message when attempting to post a G/L transaction.

"The stored procedure glpBatchCleanup returned the following results: DBMS: 2627, Microsoft Dynamics GP:0​"

After the message the batch status is displayed as Table Updates Interrupted.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Kathie Bullock
Manager, Solutions
BDO Canada LLP
Guelph ON

2.  RE: "Table Updates Interrupted" status

Posted 09-15-2017 19:08
Hi Kathie,

I'm not sure if you have this figured out already, but I've seen this error after a posting interruption.  The last thing that is being done is a batch cleanup where the batch gets deleted (if single use batch frequency).  I would check that the batch was posted completely to the GL and then check to see that the batch is deleted.  If the batch is still there, I always print an edit list to see what the messages are.  Usually, if the JE's are posted, it will say something like "cannot post as the JE # already exists".  If everything is posted then it's safe to delete the batch.

Hope this helps.

Sheila Jefferson-Ross
Senior Consultant
Rocklin CA