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Each exam covers topics and domains listed in the exam details section on this page.

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All core level exams for Dynamics GP and NAV are now available. Each exam tests knowledge, skill and experience in the categories listed below. The percentage listed next to each category is the estimated percentage of test questions which will target the particular category.

The committees which write DynamicsPro exams strive to deliver a fair set of questions which measure knowledge, skills and experience with Dynamics. Exams do not include trick, overly complicated or esoteric questions.

The committees go through a rigorous process to finalize what you see below. They wish to present a fair listing of what will be covered on each exam. The outlines are not intended to represent a complete list of every topic that could be on the exam. Each subdomain that is listed will be covered at some level, but other topics that fall in a domain may also covered.

To adequately prepare for each exam, you should be familiar with general topics within the domain.

GP Core Financials Setup and Functionality

Available Now
Click on an Exam Specification title to see the Topical Domains. 
*Weighting percentages are +/- 3%

  • General setups (including credit cards & payment terms, tax & shipping methods, Internet information, email, business alerts, and document-attach)
  • Workflow
  • Fiscal periods and account format
  • Source documents and audit trail codes
  • Posting setup and posting accounts
  • User interface (including homepage & navigation)
  • Navigation list
  • Intercompany setup
  • Setup and maintenance
  • Deferrals
  • Reconcile to GL
  • Budgeting
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Transactions
  • Posting
  • Setup
  • Vendor cards
  • Transactions
  • Posting
  • Setup
  • Customer cards
  • Transactions and cash receipts
  • Routines
  • Salespeople and territories
  • Setup
  • Transactions and reconciliation (including electronic banking)
  • Setup (including electronic banking)
  • Asset cards
  • Depreciation, GL posting, and other routines
  • Transactions
  • Setup
  • Setup
  • Routines
  • SSRS
  • Refreshable Excel reports
  • SmartList
  • Standard reporting and inquiry

GP Core Installation and Configuration

Available Now
Click on an Exam Specification title to see the Topical Domains. 
*Weighting percentages are +/- 3%

  • SSRS
  • Shared components
  • Basic performance optimization
  • GP utilities (including creating & setting up companies, and account framework)
  • Backup/restore
  • Setup email and document attached
  • Word templates
  • Excel reports
  • SSRS
  • Business Analyzer
  • ODBC (Open Data Base Connectivity)


    NAV Core Application Setup

    Available Now
    Click on an Exam Specification title to see the Topical Domains. 
    *Weighting percentages are +/- 3%

    • RapidStart
    • Configuration of Profiles and Role Centres
    • Personalization
    • Authentication
    • Permission sets
    • Company creation
    • Number series
    • Trail codes
    • Printer and report selection
    • Change log
    • Dimensions
    • Chart of accounts
    • Accounting periods
    • Posting groups
    • Journal batches
    • Sales and receivables
    • Purchases and payables
    • Inventory
    • Cash management
    • Opening balances

      NEW - NAV Core Development Exam*

      Available Now
      *Weighting percentages are +/- 3%

      • Object Designer Basics
      • Object Ranges
      • Table types and characteristics
      • Fields and data types
      • Keys and indexes
      • SIFT
      • Page types and characteristics
      • Syntax
      • Statements
      • Functions
      • Processing only
      • Data sets
      • RDLC

      * DynamicsPro is using a proven method for effective and comprehensive exam and certification development. Each exam goes through an initial phase to make sure it meets our quality standards. We gather as much pertinent and valid input about the exam as possible to appropriately measure competency and validate results. During this time, exam candidates can provide input and even challenge exam questions. All results are official, however, results may take longer than usual to be delivered.


      Certification Levels and Information

      The goal of the new Dynamics Professionals certification process has been to make the certifications more valuable, practical, and meaningful in the marketplace. In addition to testing on specific product and domain knowledge, multiple levels of credentials will allow Dynamics professionals to differentiate themselves in the market through both depth of knowledge and demonstrated real-world experience.


      CORE CERTIFICATION - Available now for Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV

      Tests a general knowledge of the Dynamics product and domain it covers
      One Core Technical and one Core Functional exam will be offered for each Dynamics product


      ADVANCED CERTIFICATION - Future availability

      Tests depth of knowledge of particular functional or technical areas of the Dynamics product
      Multiple Advanced Certificates will exist for each Dynamics product
      Candidates will be required to provide substantial proof of hands-on experience with the applicable Dynamics product


      MASTER CERTIFICATION - Future availability

      Represents a comprehensive knowledge of the product and domain, as well as the requisite soft skills to lead an implementation of the Dynamics product
      Candidates will be required to hold multiple Advanced Certifications for a period of at least one year
      Candidates will be required to provide substantial proof of significant hands-on experience with the product across multiple environments
      Master level tests will cover product, domain and soft skills