User Groups Recognize the Importance of Independent Professional Certification

NAVUG - Dynamics NAV User GroupLink to NAVUG magazine article

GPUG - Dynamics GP User Group
Link to GPUG magazine article

DynamicsPro is an independent, non-profit organization. GPUG & NAVUG are owned and operated separately by Dynamic Communities, Inc. Dynamic Communities is the founding sponsor of DynamicsPro. They continue to provide financial support and in-kind services to DynamicsPro.

Dynamic Communities, Inc. (DCI) is the founding sponsor of DynamicsPro. In early 2015, they helped organize and launch a new association for the betterment of the entire Dynamics community. We are eternally grateful for their willingness to invest enormous time, talent, and financial support to build Dynamics Pro.

DCI continues to recognize and support the objective standards put forth by DynamicsPro. Check out the recent NAVUG and GPUG magazine which clearly demonstrate their commitment to DynamicsPro and independent professional certifications.