Thank you for supporting independent, professional certification and the Association of Dynamics Professionals (DynamicsPro). Applying the collective skills and experience of the Dynamics professional community will help ensure we offer the most pertinent and effective certification exams and programs possible.

This page provides guidance for getting involved with exam development.

Follow these steps:


Download and sign (either digitally or manually) the Item Writer Confidentiality and IP Agreement. Send the completed form to


Complete this short survey to let us know about your experience with Dynamics. This will help us get you working with the right product and topical domain.


Review the Exam Specifications and Categories. Each question you submit will apply to a specific exam and topical domain indicated in the Item Writing Template for each question (more on the template in #4).

GP Core Financials Setup and Functionality

*Weighting percentages at +/- 3%

  1. Configure Company (24%)
  2. General Ledger (15%)
  3. Payables Management (14%)
  4. Receivables Management (14%)
  5. Bank Reconciliation (6%)
  6. Fixed Asset Management (10%)
  7. Multi-currency (5%)
  8. Reporting and Inquiry (12%)
GP Core Installation and Configuration

*Weighting percentages are +/- 3%

  1. Understand system requirements, and install server components & desktop clients (50%)
  2. Install and configure the web client & web services (10%)
  3. Configure the System Manager (12%)
  4. Report deployment (17%)
  5. User licensing, setup and security (11%)

NAV Core Application Setup

*Weighting percentages are +/- 3%

  1. Implementation (10%)
  2. Security (10%)
  3. System Setup (20%)
  4. Financial Management Setup (30%)
  5. Master Data Setup (30%)
NAV Core Development

*Weighting percentages are +/- 3%

  1. Development environments (5%)
  2. Tables (20%)
  3. Pages (10%)
  4. C/AL (40%)
  5. Reports (12%)
  6. XMLports (3%)
  7. Codeunits (6%)
  8. Queries (3%)
  9. MenuSuites (1%)


Download and complete the Item Writing Template. Change the file posted here to the updated file, ‘item writing template.November.2016.docx’.

Once you have completed training, you will use this to submit new exam questions (also known as 'items').


If you have not already attended a live training, view the recorded item writer training. This recording can also be used to refresh your memory on how to write high-quality exam questions.

Once you submit the completed agreement (referenced above) you will be assigned to an item writing team to start diving in and writing great exam questions.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Association of Dynamics Professionals at or (813) 381-5533.