Councils & Committees

How does a new, not-for-profit association get off the ground? Through the ​visionary​ belief and ​altruism ​of activist members. Every aspect of the Association of Dynamics Professionals - from overall program design to every question on every exam - is discussed, debated, and ultimately formalized by members of the community.

In the early stages of program development, we have relied heavily on the talent and time of a core group of volunteers. These individuals and their organizations have been exceptionally generous with the investment of time and talent to help accomplish the mission and long-term goals of DynamicsPro.


Credentialing Council

The Credentialing Council is the most senior leadership body made up entirely of members. It provides oversight and strategic guidance for of our nearly all aspects of the association.

The DynamicsPro Credentialing Council for 2017:

Mark Brummel, Liberty Grove, Council Chair
Mariano Gomez, Mekorma, Vice Chair
Belinda Allen, Njevity, Advisor
Lorna Link, InterDyn BMI
Kerry Rosvold, New View Strategies
Mark Ward, ArcherPoint
Lori Biondo, Independent
David Musgrave, Winthrop Development Consultants
Peik Bech-Andersen, Agidon A/S


In 2017, the council will take on further focus and additional responsibility for these important aspects of DynamicsPro:

Certification Exam Development
Dynamics Credentialed Professional and Member Benefits
Volunteer Engagement
Evangelizing DynamicsPro

Working with the oversight of the Credentialing Council, our Exam Committees have product-specific responsibility for setting exam specifications as well as developing and maintaining the pool of exam items and the exams themselves.

Dynamics GP Exam Committee

Rod O'Connor, Briware Solutions, Chair
Christina Phillips, BKD, Vice Chair
Belinda Allen, Njevity
Charles Allen, BKD
Tanya Henderson, S2 Technology
Jen Kuntz, Kuntz Consulting
Tan Le, Socius
Bob McAdam, Dynamic Communities, Inc.
Mike McDowell, Mekorma
John Lowther, Njevity

Dynamics NAV Exam Committee

Mark Ward, ArcherPoint, Chair
Kerry Rosvold, Independent, Vice Chair
AJ Ansari, InterDyn BMI
Matt Traxinger, ArcherPoint
Cindy Priebe, Liberty Grove Software
Ian Piddington
Kim Congleton, LIDD, Inc.
Michel de Ruijter, Mprise