Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding DynamicsPro and it's programs. If you have additional questions, please email us at info@dynamicspro.org.

The mission of Association of Dynamics Professionals (DynamicsPro) is to serve the global Microsoft Dynamics community by establishing and maintaining professional competency standards and assessments for the betterment of the entire community of users and consultants. The vision is that every Dynamics professional recognizes and adheres to these certification and quality standards for the implementation, support and use of all Dynamics products.
The Association was announced March 15, 2015, and formally began accepting members on August 15, 2015.
By design, DynamicsPro is separate from Microsoft. This ensures a level of objectivity and credibility in the standards that are established. Microsoft does recognize the value and importance of our mission and actively supports the efforts of the association.
More than 100 individuals have offered their time and talent in support of DynamicsPro. Many opportunities are available to help with writing, approving and delivering credentialing and certification exams and programs. Visit the credentialing page and follow the instructions to start the process.
DynamicsPro has created a three-tier credentialing program –Core, Advanced and Masters levels- which offers value for every Dynamics professional, whether you are a new college graduate or a veteran with years of experience. By progressing through the program levels members demonstrate increased competency in their chosen field. To learn more, visit the certification page on this website.
When you pass any core credentialing exam, including NAV Application Setup, NAV Development, GP Financials & Functionality and GP Installation & Configuration, you earn the prestigious Dynamics Credentialed Professional.
Requirements vary by Dynamics product. For Dynamics GP, two Core credentials are required; for Dynamics NAV three Core credentials are required. Additional functional or industry experience or credentials may be required. Completed availability of advanced credentials is expected in early 2017.
The DynamicsPro Credentialing Council has not yet published the Masters Certified Professional designation. The anticipated availability of this certification is late 2017.
Many organizations offer training on Dynamics products. Specific refresher training to help prepare for credentialing exams is available online on a quarterly basis through DCI Academy. DCI Academy offers this training onsite at Dynamics events throughout the year. DynamicsPro Commercial Sponsors offer regularly scheduled courses pertaining to Dynamics NAV and GP. For more information contact SkillsHouse and Mprise. Microsoft provides many recorded training sessions on the Dynamics Learning Portal.
DynamicsPro is an independent, non-profit organization. GPUG & NAVUG are owned and operated separately by Dynamic Communities, Inc. Dynamic Communities is the founding sponsor of DynamicsPro. They continue to provide financial support and in-kind services to DynamicsPro.
Yes, exams and programs are available to all professionals working with Microsoft Dynamics products, including both customers and partners.
Each credential is valid for two years. This can be extended to three years by accomplishing certain goals.
  1. Hold a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) designation for Dynamics during the time period
  2. Hold GPUG or NAVUG All Star designation during the time period
  3. Complete and self-report a minimum of 16 hours Continuing Professional Education (CPE) during the time period. Qualifying CPE includes Dynamics training courses, conferences, workshops, webinars and other sanctioned educational activities.
All exams from DynamicsPro are written by members of the Dynamics professional community. DynamicsPro contracted a professional credentialing consultancy to establish program and exam design. Exams are developed through a collaborative process which includes partners, customers and other stakeholders in the community. The exams are designed to properly measure appropriate levels of knowledge, skill and experience for the domain covered.
DynamicsPro certification and credentialing exams are delivered onsite and online. Exams are offered at major conferences around the world and online, available anytime, anywhere, through our exam delivery partner ProctorU.
Online exams are proctored by our exam delivery partner, ProctorU. ProctorU delivers millions of live-proctored online exams for many of the world’s finest universities and credentialing bodies. To learn more, view these short videos: Who is ProctorU and How it works.
The standard exam fee is $299. As a not-for-profit association DynamicsPro exam fees are set to help DynamicsPro be fully self-supporting and recover costs.

Professional Members of DynamicsPro receive a 50% discount. Attendees at sponsoring conferences receive a 50% discount. Click to learn more about Professional membership and sponsoring conferences.
Microsoft offers certifications for AX, CRM and D-365. DynamicsPro will not create overlapping or competing certifications for these products, however, we expect to offer Advanced and Masters certifications for all Dynamics products.