About DynamicsPro

The Association of Dynamics Professionals (DynamicsPro) is an independent, not-for-profit membership organization which exists to serve the Microsoft Dynamics community by establishing competency standards and assessments, and to positively impact the Dynamics community through member-led advocacy initiatives.

Our vision is that every Dynamics professional recognizes and adheres to DynamicsPro certification and quality standards for the implementation, support and use of Dynamics products.

Founded in 2015, we have led the effort to create new and improved independent professional certifications, and to expand the depth and breadth of credentialing programs available for Dynamics.

All aspects of certification program design are determined by our members. From the very beginning, we brought together members of the community with outside experts in the professional credentialing field to develop a program which meets globally accepted accreditation knowledge and skills to practice their occupation competently. An important outcome of this effort is to raise the standard of quality and enhance the perception and reputation of the Dynamics professional community.

DynamicsPro is an individual membership organization, open to any professional seeking to better themselves and the Dynamics community.

Code of Ethics

The Association of Dynamics Professionals is a global organization committed to promoting excellence and professionalism in the implementation, development, and use of Microsoft Dynamics products through various credentialing programs.

By participating in programs and exams our members affirm their commitment to upholding the highest standards of personal and professional behaviour in their endeavours. They are expected to:

  • Execute work in accordance with the highest standards of objectivity, accountability, and professionalism.
  • Continue to advance their knowledge and understanding of the profession through education, training, credentials and certifications.
  • Safeguard the quality and credibility of their professional judgment from inappropriate influence.
  • Observe both in spirit and in practice all legal, ethical, and regulatory requirements applicable to their professional activities in the legal jurisdiction(s) in which they work and reside.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest in their affairs and make full disclosure before undertaking any matter that may be perceived as a conflict of interest.